Beneficiaries Stories

Singapore Airlines Charity Run. Community Chest Beneficiary (1)

Muhammad Sufian Bin Abdullah
15 Years Old
Lighthouse School

Sufian was born with visual impairment and attended school for the first time at the age of 10, when other children his age were well into Primary 4. Lighthouse School, a special education school supported by Community Chest, gave him the help he needed most.Despite a late start in education due to financial difficulties, Sufian mastered Braille within three years and is now able to read story books. Through stories, he learned about perseverance and hope. This led him to giving his best in everything he does – like how he is learning to play the piano. He hopes to play the piano so well that he can be a piano teacher when he grows up.

By donating to Community Chest, you can empower Sufian and enable him to realise his vision.

Ethan was unable to express his feelings for his crush in class. Not just because he was awkward like most teens, but also because he has one of the most severe forms of Cerebral Palsy called Spastic Quadriplegia.The malformation of his brain at birth causes his arms and legs become stiff, and he is unable to walk. He is intellectually capable of communicating, but gets frustrated when others cannot understand him. He is unable to even gesture to explain himself.

During his therapy sessions in Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore School (CPAS), supported by Community Chest, Ethan learnt to use a Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) application on his iPad to express himself and form sentences by tapping the picture icons of the application. He has even made an e-card for his crush.

Besides being able to communicate more effectively, he also received a motorised wheelchair which enabled him to move around freely and independently, and even represent his school at the Boccia competition.

Currently in his final year of senior school at CPAS, Ethan continues to develop his communication skills and potential. With your support, Ethan can continue receiving the help he needs and realise his potential.

Ethan Wong Yik Seng
17 Years Old
Cerebral Palsy Alliance School

Lim Joo Phiau
38 Years Old

A road traffic accident in January 2003 left 24 year old Mr Lim Joo Phiau with traumatic brain injuries. Hand gestures and facial expressions are the only mode of expression for Joo Phiau.He relies heavily on Mr Kua, his stepfather, for his daily needs such as bathing and feeding. As Joo Phiau’s main caregiver, Mr Kua had to quit his full-time job in the construction industry to look after Mr Lim. With no means of income, Mr Kua sought help from SPD in 2016 when their savings was used up.

As age is catching up, Mr Kua is not as fit as before with arthritis in his left knee. He walks with a limp and cannot stand for extended periods of time due to a previous spine operation. Despite the physical strain, Mr Kua continues to care for Mr Lim to his best. Their story touched many hearts and he received the Singapore Health Inspirational Patient & Caregiver Award in 2014.

“I’m very grateful to SPD for helping me and my son. I just hope for a miracle in which my son can walk again and be independent. I can then go out and find a job to support us.” – Mr Kua.

‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and in this case, it strengthens the bond between Mr Lim and Mr Kua. Help build the resilience of persons with disabilities, like Joo Phiau, by facilitating their access to resources and a support network that will aid their journey towards independence.

It has not been an easy journey for Joo Ee. It has been a journey of true love.Joo Ee’s outgoing lifestyle came to a standstill when he had to care for his mother with dementia, full-time. He witnessed how his mother gradually lost her memory. Soon, she could not walk, and needed his help to change, bathe and feed her. Joo Ee also cares for his father who has kidney failure. He lives with his parents and his eldest sister who struggles to make ends meet with her sole income.

With no knowledge of caregiving, he was under immense emotional stress and he struggled. As an outgoing person he struggled with his situation at first, and was constantly frustrated and resentful. Since joining Alzheimer‘s Disease Association’s Specialised Caregiver Support Service (Dementia), he learnt new ways to provide better care and found support in friends who face the same challenges as him.

Since 2015, he has become a facilitator in the caregiver support group. He has a positive outlook towards caregiving, constantly learning more and encourages other caregivers to see the rewards of caregiving.

Caregivers need care too. Help to build their resilience to care for the ones they love by facilitating their access to support networks and resources. Your contributions will help provide support for caregivers to be an effective and loving caregiver like Joo Ee.

Chua Joo Ee
44 Years Old
Alzheimer’s Disease Association

Toh Heok Khin
86 Years Old
Lions Befrienders Service Association (Singapore)

Before he joined Lions Befrienders, Uncle Toh was very withdrawn, and shied away from people because of a growth on his nose. These cysts in his nose caused breathing difficulties but he was unsure of how to get treatment and he had no family to consult.

It was until Linda, a volunteer from Lions Befrienders, who struck up a friendship with Uncle Toh and even arranged for his treatment at a hospital. Since the surgery, Uncle Toh has become more outgoing and started volunteering with Lions Befrienders. He is still volunteering today, at the age of 86.

Uncle Toh now engages other seniors and hopes to help others for as long as he can. “I have made more friends. When I help others, they are happy and that makes me happy too.”

Lions Befrienders is one of the many charities supported by Community Chest. Your donations will empower Uncle Toh and others like him lead active and fulfilling lives.

A mother’s love is the greatest love of all. In Suzana’s case, her love is also a pillar of strength.

When Suzana’s husband lost his job, things at home started to break down. With four young children (the eldest 6-years-old), she was unable to work and contribute financially. Suzana saw herself as a burden to her family and was emotionally distressed.

With the help of Community Chest and Cheng San Family Service Centre under AMKFSC Community Services, Mdm Suzana found help and guidance, and is now able to earn a living through baking. She also joined group activities which provided her emotional support and increased her motivation to find employment. Now, she is not only able to help with family expenses, but is also more confident of herself.

Your contributions will help families, like Mdm Suzana’s, achieve stability, stay resilient and create their own recipes for success.

Suzana Binte Abdul Rahim
25 Years Old
AMKFSC Community Services Ltd